Disinfection without chemicals

Product News 01 August 2016

Looking for a safe and cost-effective solution for water disinfection? Look no further: Our Ozone System OZONFILT® OZMa is economical with energy, cooling water and compressed air and extremely efficient in operation.

Ozone – many applications

The OZONFILT® OZMa is very environmentally friendly and kind on the earth's resources because it does not use any chemicals as its operating gas. Ozone is generated on site from air or oxygen as required, and because of its high reactivity, it very quickly decomposes into oxygen again. This makes it an ideal oxidation and disinfection agent in the food and beverage industry. Applications include raw water treatment, the removal of iron and manganese from mineral and table water, and the disinfection of bottling systems and rinsers.

Ozone – reliable generation

The OZONFILT® OZMa generates a reproducible amount of ozone even when there are fluctuations in the mains voltage and pressure. Depending on the design, the system generates 70 g to 735 g of ozone per hour from compressed air or oxygen. The new maintenance-free design of the high-efficiency ozone generator ensures low energy and cooling water consumption and compact dimensions. The self-optimising pressure swing dryer reduces the consumption of compressed air to a minimum. In many installations there is no need for additional booster pumps and injectors because the ozone can simply be added directly to the water up to a back pressure of 2 bar.

Ozone – guaranteed benefits

Integrated ozone measurement and control, as well as the touch panel with data logger and screen plotter, ensure easy operation of the OZONFILT® OZMa. Any desired amount of ozone can be set with infinite variability between 3% and 100% of the rated output. The system has multiple communication interfaces, allowing it to be easily integrated in the customer's choice of control system. The generated ozone continuously ensures efficient disinfection without by-products – and the entire system has a virtually unlimited lifetime combined with high efficiency and operating reliability.

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