The gamma/ X: excellent protection to IP 66 level

Product news 19 June 2017

The air contains dust which is constantly being swirled around. Then there's water. And high-pressure jets from all directions, for minutes at a time. Harsh conditions – but no problem for the gamma/ X, because it now offers IP 66 protection.

Protection for equipment – and for investments

Often, metering pumps operate in environments which are anything but clinically clean. But even in adverse environments, foreign bodies, dust, water and contact must not negatively impact on reliable operation. To protect your investment in a high-quality pump, we offer IP degrees of protection as well as the US standard NEMA. These indicate how resistant a device is to water and dust, enabling operators to choose the right electrical equipment for a particular environment.

Upgrade from IP 65 to IP 66

The gamma/ X is used for processes in which small quantities must be metered continuously with high precision. Because the environment might be dirty or damp, the gamma/ X has satisfied the requirements of IP 65 since it was first launched in 2015. When ProMinent sent the pump back to the official testing lab, the result was impressive: the pump also fulfils the requirements of IP 66 and NEMA 4X.

More applications, more safety

IP 66 means that the gamma/ X is also protected against high-pressure jets of water of 100 l/min. The gamma/ X also passed the even tougher NEMA 4X test with flying colours: it withstands a jet of water from nozzles measuring 25.4 mm across and at a distance of 3 to 3.5 m, from all directions and at 240 litres per minute, for five minutes. That's what we call impressive performance. And how do you benefit? You can now use the gamma/ X in an even wider range of applications and benefit from added dependability for both pump and process.

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