Bathing in spa water is an incredible and beneficial experience

Public swimming pools have to meet numerous requirements and ensure that their water quality is impeccable at all times. The operators of “DAS BAD Merzig” in Germany’s Saarland use fully automatic chlorine gas metering systems DULCO®Vaq to safely treat their water in line with the relevant standards.

Complying with limit values

“DAS BAD” lies in the district town of Merzig in the charming Saar-Hunsrück nature park, almost 50 kilometres to the north of Saarbrücken. The popular water park with its two “water worlds” offers everything imaginable to delight guests of all ages, for example, the indoor and outdoor experience pools with hot tub loungers and massage showers, a huge 90 m slide, a 25 m sports pool with diving board as well as a pool for children and babies. Visitors to the wellness area with its indoor and outdoor pool, whirlpool and Kneipp pool get to bathe in officially approved Bietzen spa water. In accordance with the requirements of DIN 19643, especially those relating to bromate limit values, the operator, Merziger Bäder GmbH, decided to replace the current electrolysis system for treating water with a disinfection system using chlorine gas. The Kurzmann engineering firm, based in St. Leon Rot, planned the new water treatment and disinfection system. Mr. Kurzmann has been advising DAS BAD on technical modifications to their bathing and spa water treatment systems for over ten years. Following the public call for bids, ProMinent GmbH was awarded the contract, having submitted the most cost-effective solution based on ultramodern chlorine gas technology.

Key data

  • Treatment of pool and spa water at the water park in line with the relevant standards
  • Use of fully automatic chlorine gas technology and metering systems DULCO®Vaq
  • Metering of 5 kg of chlorine gas per hour in a total of eight pools

Easy to install

Schiffweiler-based CP Anlagenbau GmbH, a specialist in swimming pool technology and water treatment, carried out the modification with the pools remaining open during some of the work. The panel-mounted chlorine gas metering systems and the components needed were installed very quickly. The upgraded water treatment system has been running reliably since September 2018. A prefabricated building has been constructed in the yard of the water park and is home to 12 chlorine gas bottles, reserve bottles and the control unit for emergency shutdown. From here, the chlorine gas is safely transported to the six PM 3610 C type DULCO®Vaq systems using vacuums. The systems are designed for a capacity of 12 g/h-15 kg/h and each have a high-pressure inline pump. The negative pressure generated in the injector opens the vacuum dosing regulator fitted on the chlorine gas tank. In total, a maximum of 7.8 kg of chlorine gas is made available every hour and used to disinfect the eight different pools.

Cost-effective disinfection

Everyone involved worked together perfectly allowing the entire modification project to be completed smoothly – from planning and installation to ongoing operation. The management team at Merziger Bäder GmbH are delighted with the result. Their positive experiences with high-quality chlorine gas technology products from ProMinent GmbH, compliance with the requirements of DIN 19606 and DIN 19643 as well as the automatic emergency shutdown system for the gas bottles deliver excellent operating safety. Further benefits include simple operation of the entire water treatment system and precise metering even with large flow volumes. And the two key goals are met: firstly, compliance with the limit values required by law and secondly, a vast improvement in overall water quality – in all pools, no matter whether they are filled with spa water (and the challenges it brings with it) or normal pool water.

  • Rapid assembly thanks to the panel-mounted systems DULCO®Vaq
  • Full range of components satisfies DIN 19606
  • Tried and tested, high-quality chlorine gas technology
  • Fully automatic control and chlorine gas metering for eight pools
  • Efficient treatment of pool and spa water
  • Good operational safety thanks to emergency shutdown system

»Martin Siemon, operating manager at Merziger Bäder GmbH, is happy to report: “Since being commissioned, the system has run fault-free. The water quality at BAD Merzig now does an even better job of meeting all statutory requirements. The new chlorine gas metering systems have enabled us to significantly reduce the supply of chemicals and the production of unwanted chlorine by-products. Our guests can tell the difference too and are continually providing positive feedback on this.”« - 

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