Consumables for Amperometric Sensors

Sensors are happiest in fluids, because that's where they belong. This is where they are adjusted, cleaned and stored.

Product description

The best solution for sensors

All sensors require consumables such as buffer and cleaning solutions to keep them functioning reliably.

Electrolyte for Amperometric Sensors

CapacityOrder no.
Electrolyte for all chlorine sensors type CLE, CLR 1100506270
Electrolyte for CDM 1 and CDE 3 type chlorine dioxide sensors100506271
Electrolyte for CDE 2 and CDR 1 type chlorine dioxide sensors100506272
Electrolyte for OZE type ozone sensors100506273
Electrolyte for CGE/CTE/BRE type sensors50792892
Electrolyte for CDP type chlorine dioxide sensors1001002712
Electrolyte for peracetic acid sensors type PAA 1, OZR 11001023896
Electrolyte for CLT 1 type chlorite sensors501022015
Electrolyte for PER 1 type hydrogen peroxide sensors501025774
Electrolyte for CLO 1 type chlorine sensor1001035191
Electrolyte for CLO 2 type chlorine sensor1001035480
Electrolyte for CBR 1 type chlorine/bromine sensor1001038017
Electrolyte for BCR 1 type bromine sensor501044843
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Spare Membrane Caps, Accessory Sets for Amperometric Sensors

CapacityOrder no.
Membrane cap for types CLE II T, CDM 1 and OZE 1790486
Membrane cap for types: CLE 2.2, CLE 3, CDE 1.2, CDE 2, OZE 2 and OZE 3790488
Sensor cap for CLO 11035197
Sensor cap for CLO 21035198
Membrane cap for CGE/CTE 1 (2/5/10 ppm) and BRE 1 (10 ppm), BRE 2792862
Membrane cap for CTE 1 (0.5 ppm), CBR 1, BCR 1741274
Membrane cap for CDP 1, BRE 1 (0.5 / 2 ppm), CLT1002710
Membrane cap for CDE 3 1026578
Diaphragm cap for PAA 1, CDR 1, CLR 1, OZR 11023895
Membrane cap for PER 1 1025776
Membrane cap for H2.10 P792978
Accessory set for CGE 2/CTE 1 (2/5/10 ppm) and BRE 1 (10 ppm), BRE 2 (2 membrane caps + electrolyte)50740048
Accessory set for CTE 1 (0.5 ppm) (2 membrane caps + electrolyte)50741277
Accessory set for CLE (2 membrane caps + electrolyte)1001024611
Accessory set for CDP 1 (2 membrane caps + electrolyte), BRE 1 (0.5 / 2 ppm), CLT1001002744
Accessory set for PAA 1 and OZR 1 (2 diaphragm caps + electrolyte)1001024022
Accessory kit for PER 1 (2 membrane cap + electrolyte)501025881
Accessory set for CDE 3 (2 membrane caps + electrolyte)1001026361
Accessory set for CLO 1 (electrolyte, grinding disc, plug)1001035482
Accessory set for CLO 2 (electrolyte, grinding disc, plug)1001035483
Accessory set for CBR 1 (2 membrane caps + electrolyte)1001038984
Accessory set BCR 1 (2 membrane caps + electrolyte)501044844
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The best solution for sensors

All sensors require consumables such as buffer and cleaning solutions to keep them functioning reliably.

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