Control of Chemical Metering and Controller DULCOMETER® diaLog DACb

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  • Presentation and discussion on the basic principles of control and a background on control types progressing from simple batch control to compound loop control, details on PID control and what the parameters represent and how they influence the control. The concepts are kept in relation to chlorine measurement and control but the principles of control can also be applied to other measurement parameters as well.
  • Discussion of analog signals, wiring and typical problems that occur.
  • Discussion and explanation of chlorine sensors and Amperometric measurement, zero points and how slope values are developed, their significance and calibration.
  • Discussion and explanation of pH influence on chlorine measurement and methods used to compensate for fluctuating or high pH values when trying to accurately measure free chlorine.
  • Hands on controller using the DACb. This involves going through a typical controller menu and is done with chlorine controllers. The following are discussed and explained in detail when going through the settings. How to do chlorine calibration, set up for metering pumps, setting limit and alarm values, defining an analog output signal for data logging or recording and how to interlock the controller with external devices.
  • Discussion of how to set up a measurement and control system, do’s and don’ts what to be aware of.


By the end of the day, the participants will have an understanding of basic control philosophy, some chlorine measurement background and be able to set up a DACb controller to suit a particular application. A set of conditions will be presented and the participants will set up the DACb controller to suit the application.

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