Solenoid Driven Chemical Metering Pumps gamma/ X

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  • Presentation and discussion on the basic principles of chemical metering with small solenoid driven metering pumps. Principle of operation of solenoid pumps, different parts of the pump. How to alleviate common pumping problems ( specifically with sodium hypochlorite ).
  • Discussion of different methods to integrate the chemical metering pumps into a process, analog signals, pulse train signals, remote start stop etc.
  • Common pump terminology and accessories used to achieve a reliable and accurate chemical metering system and the accessories that are used to do that. Each of the accessories will be discussed in detail.
  • Hands on programming of a the Gamma/X chemical metering pump and simulation of various input signals to see how the pump responds.
  • Basic maintenance of how to remove the pump liquid end, diaphragm and check valves and replace.


By the end of the day, the participants will have a good understanding of how a solenoid driven chemical metering pumps, will be comfortable in being able to program a pump and understand the importance of some of the typical accessories used in a chemical metering system.

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