International: Brau Beviale 2015 - Efficient and environmentally-sound solutions in demand

November 2015

Robert Günther, Divisional Manager for Food & Beverage at ProMinent Deutschland GmbH, described demand at Brau Beviale 2015 as thoroughly positive.

"We're very happy with our participation at Brau Beviale 2015," says Günther of the three days spent at the trade fair, stressing: "In particular, the huge interest in our electrolysis system shows that breweries are also open to disinfection procedures which have not yet become established in production and bottling. Master brewers attach a lot of importance to reliable disinfection in the bottling area."

As a smart further development of ECA technology, the electrolysis system Dulco®Lyse cheaply produces a highly effective disinfectant with a very low chloride and chlorate content in situ from water, salt and electricity. This weak hypochlorous acid, known as DULCO®Lyt 400, delivers consistent quality with a constant FAC (Free Available Chlorine) content of 400 ppm even under changing conditions. The extremely low chloride content is significantly below the level of comparable processes in which more than 20 times as much chloride is often produced.

The Heidelberg-based manufacturer also received a lot of praise for its new solenoid driven metering pump gamma/ X . The technology ensures highly accurate metered quantities and minimal use of chemicals.

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