Panel-mounted measuring and control systems

Complete measuring and control modules for easy integration in water treatment processes

Fully assembled online measuring units and online control units are suitable for the most important measured variables for potable water, food & beverage and wastewater applications. Here ProMinent uses the panel-mounted systems of the DULCOTROL product range. They can be configured with a simple, application-based ordering system. From 13 different measuring parameters you can choose up to 2 measuring and control points, available at the same time, in a variety of combinations. The benefit: As a complete plug&play module, these systems can be installed quickly and simply – and are immediately ready for operation. Want to know more?


Measuring and control system DULCODOS Cooling Water

Monitoring and treatment of cooling water with DULCODOS Cooling Water–the compact measuring and control system specially designed for the treatment of cooling water in evaporation cooling systems and wet separators. more

Your benefits

  • Ready-to-connect plug-and-play measuring and control point for quick, easy installation and commissioning
  • Reduces cooling water consumption
  • Protects the complete system against corrosion, deposits and biological growth
  • Produces automatic reports in line with applicable directives and e-mails them out
  • Connection to the ProMinent DULCONNEX Cloud

Ammonia Analyzer

Continuous on-line measurement of ammonia using pH appropriate sensor technology. Uses specific sensor adapted to operational pH range to ensure correct measurement. Determine free ammonia, total ammonia, and NH3-N for control and reporting purposes. more

Your benefits

  • No reagents needed for continuous on-line monitoring
  • Measures ammonia concentration and logs values
  • Two-point calibration of sensor at startup
  • Ethernet communication
  • SCADA interface through 4-20 mA outputs or optional MODBUS
  • Menu driven inputs for measurements and calibration

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