Peristaltic Pumps

Our most adaptable pumps

Peristaltic pumps DULCO®flex are amongst the most adaptable pumps from ProMinent. They are suitable for an enormously wide pump capacity range. The smaller DF2 to DF4 types of pumps have been specially designed for metering work in swimming pools, hot tubs or spa and wellness zones. The large peristaltic pumps DFA to DFD are ideal for specific tasks, as well as for extremely high pump capacities and pressures in laboratories and in industry. All models follow a simple operating principle and are extremely safe and easy to use.

All you have to do is select the pump capacity and pressure, note the point where they intersect and the appropriate specialists at ProMinent will configure the right ProMinent peristaltic pump.

Pump Guide

The choice of pumps is huge: 80 industries, 100,000 products and infinite applications. To make it as easy as possible to find your ideal metering pump, ProMinent designed the Pump Guide. All it takes is a few clicks to find a selection of suitable models.

How it works

First enter the pump capacity and back pressure. The Pump Guide will then show you all the metering pumps that match your criteria. You can choose between list view and detail view. The database contains all solenoid-driven metering pumps, motor-driven metering pumps, process metering pumps and peristaltic pumps from ProMinent. They are divided into more than 30 different product ranges.

Exactly the right pump

Narrow down your search by clicking on different selection criteria. Do you have a specific industry, operating mode, medium or viscosity in mind? Or maybe you need a pump for zones at risk of explosion? The Pump Guide will take you to the pump you need with just a few clicks.


Peristaltic Pump DULCO®flex DF2a

Capacity range 0.4 – 2.4 l/h at max. 1.5 bar back pressure

The peristaltic pump DULCO®flex DF2a meters chemicals functionally, cost-effectively and quietly – ideal for use in swimming pools, hot tubs, and in spa and wellness facilities. more

Your benefits

  • Smooth inner wall reduces deposits.
  • Hose materials: PharMed® or Viton®
  • Virtually silent operation
  • Simple handling
  • Enhanced service life of the hose due to spring-loaded rollers, which keep the rolling pressure constant
  • Robust and protected against spray water from all sides: Housing made of impact-resistant and chemical-resistant PPE

Peristaltic Pump DULCO®flex DF4a

Capacity range 1.5 – 12 l/h, 4 – 2 bar

The peristaltic pump DULCO®flex DF4a for metering flocculants and activated charcoal treats water precisely and accurately. It is ideal for use in swimming pools, hot tubs or spa and wellness facilities. An operating pressure up to 4 bar is possible. more

Your benefits

  • Language-neutral user navigation
  • Continuous adjustment of capacity
  • Hose material in PharMed®
  • Full control, as the capacity is shown in l/h in the display
  • Safe and reliable operation: Flow volume and concentration can be entered reproducibly
  • Long service life: Spring-loaded rollers stabilise rolling pressure and reduce wear and tear on the hose

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