A Robust Wastewater Treatment System

A large system consisting of two main parts: lime & chemical dosing and polymer make-down and dosing. The chemical feed system has three Meta pumps and is enclosed to ensure operator safety. To ensure this system was built and shipped on time, crews were sent on-site to assemble and start up the equipment.

Two systems, one solution.

Earlier this year, a large project was completed for application in the Wastewater Treatment industry. The overall project consisted of two main parts: a system designed for lime & chemical dosing and a system designed for polymer make-down and dosing. One of the main problems the client was facing was getting high-quality equipment for a good price.

Making Polymer with very precise concentrations.

To come up with a complete solution for the client, the ProMinent team leaned on previous design experience from similar projects. Tomal in Sweden was also a great resource throughout the design process of the polymer skid. What is unique about this skid is the Polyrex make-down systems that make polymer with very precise concentrations. The lime dosing was in large silos that had to stick out through the roof of the system; load cells were used to measure the media level inside the silos and the screw feeders are very precise.

A cost-effective high-quality solution

In the end, no corners were cut regarding the quality of this wastewater treatment system. All the requirements of the client were met, including them receiving a high-quality product for a fair price.

Various ProMinent equipment can be found throughout the two systems consisting of piping, silos, polyrex make-down systems , progressive cavity pump skids, and prominent metering pump skids. On the chemical metering system, there are three Meta pumps and the whole system is in an enclosure to ensure operator safety.

This was a large-scale project that required multiple people from multiple departments to work together. These departments included management, sales, engineering, production and technical. Furthermore, to build and ship on time we had to do a lot of the assembly on-site. We sent crews to set up and start the equipment to make sure everything was operating properly.

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