Caribbean palms in the Black Forest – an exceptional pool experience

Steady growth in visitor numbers and substantial new investment made it possible to enlarge the wellness zone at Badeparadies Schwarzwald. Once again the popular pool and wellness attraction chose ProMinent for reliable water treatment.

More pools, more palms, more relaxation

Since it opened in 2010, Badeparadies Schwarzwald in Titisee-Neustadt has become a hugely popular attraction, winning multiple awards. Over 720,000 visitors of all ages come to enjoy the outstanding tropical pool and wellness attraction every year. In 2017 the operator invested in a new 5000 m² spa and vitality experience including exclusive vitality pools with stunning panoramic views, whirlpools and massage jet seats, themed saunas and a unique wellness zone for women. 100 additional Caribbean palms create a beautiful setting. The popular water slide area has also been renovated with the addition of a white-water slide. The Badeparadies has had a very positive experience of working with ProMinent GmbH for many years, so for the new facilities it once again opted for ProMaqua® products.

Key data:

  • Over 720,000 visitors a year
  • Complete system technology for water treatment for large extension to the existing pool and wellness facilities
  • Second electrolysis system Chlorinsitu® III provides water disinfection for six vitality pools and large number of whirlpools
  • Measuring and control system DULCOMARIN® II controls hygiene parameters in nine extra water circuits

Confidence in tried-and-tested technology

The new facilities were installed by a highly experienced company, ATZWANGER GmbH. The components and systems for water treatment included: 24 solenoid-driven metering pumps gamma/ X for the metering of chlorine and flocculant and pH correction and a motor-driven metering pump Sigma/ 2 for chlorine supply. The measuring, feedback and control technology (MSR) comprises a high-performance measuring and control system DULCOMARIN® II with CAN bus networking, multiple measurement modules and sensors for the continuous monitoring of all hygiene parameters. There is also a backwashing water tank and a separate water circuit with measuring, feedback and control technology and additional metering pumps for the white-water slide. An electrolysis system CHLORINSITU® III has been providing reliable water disinfection at Badeparadies since 2010, so a second system of the same type was added.

Premium quality water treatment

Because the disinfectant is generated in situ from water, salt and electricity, there is no need for the transport, storage or handling of toxic chlorine gas. This complete solution gives the operator the benefit of maximum safety, reduced operating costs thanks to considerably lower chemical consumption, and reduced maintenance. The CAN bus networking of all controllers, sensors and pumps ensures precise metering of the disinfectant even at peak load and therefore hygienic water quality at all times. So in addition to the spectacular features, stunning spa and vitality zone and Caribbean ambience, safe water treatment in all pools is part of the secret of success at Badeparadies Schwarzwald. Because after all, only a complete quality experience will make visitors come back for a return visit.

  • Complete solution for automated water treatment from a single source
  • High level of safety thanks to on-site chemical production and storage
  • Precise metering of chlorine and flocculant thanks to high-performance diaphragm metering pumps
  • Safe water disinfection with second electrolysis system CHLORINSITU® III
  • Substantial cost savings through monitoring of nine additional filter circuits with a single control system DULCOMARIN® II
  • Rapid response to changes in hygiene parameters thanks to networking of all components via CAN bus system and central control

Used Products - Caribbean palms in the Black Forest – an exceptional pool experience

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