Apples fresh from the wash

Just in time for the apple harvest: a Polish fruit and vegetable processing plant has opted for technical support in the form of a ProMinent chlorine dioxide system for the efficient treatment of the water used for washing.

Problems in production

Polish fruit and vegetable processing company Champion Sp. z o.o. is based in Jarogniewice, 40 kilometres south-west of Poznań. The plant manufactures apple juice concentrate and packs ready-chopped onions. Unfortunately problems were being encountered in both processes: in the juice concentrate production line the company needed to eliminate the bacteria that were making the juice cloudy, and in the onion slicing process, the unpleasant smell produced had to be removed. The water used to wash the fruit and vegetables also required disinfection.

Disinfection with chlorine dioxide

So the company chose to install a ProMinent CDV chlorine dioxide system of the type Bello Zon®, which is ideal for medium to large water quantities. The generator used here produces 225 g of chlorine dioxide every hour. Chlorine dioxide is an effective disinfectant that remains stable in piping systems over long periods and provides several hours to days of microbiological water protection. The chlorine dioxide solution is distributed to the various application areas from a polyethylene storage tank. It is metered accurately and reliably by four motor driven metering pumps of type Sigma and three diaphragm metering pumps of type gamma/ L.


  • Retrofitting with modern and economical water treatment systems
  • Elimination of the odour produced during onion-slicing
  • Significant improvement of the microbiological and visual quality of the apple juice concentrate
  • Reduction of the operating costs thanks to lower water consumption and reuse of water vapour

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