ProMinent assists shrimp farmers in Brazil

Seafood farming is a challenging business as the quality of the water needs to be permanently monitored to avoid illness. Our powerful measuring and control technology is perfectly suited for such sensitive work.

Permanent monitoring of shrimp farms

The heart of Brazil’s shrimp farming industry lies in the north-east of the country. The state of Rio Grande do Norte has a coastline extending more than 400 kilometres, a gigantic network of fresh water reservoirs for generating hydro-electric power and a permanently warm climate – all of which makes it a great place to set up various aquacultures. Around 40 percent of all the shrimps produced in Brazil, that’s around 30,000 tons a year, come from shrimp farms of various sizes in Rio Grande do Norte. Almost all the shrimps produced are sold on the domestic market. One local company was looking for a way to continuously monitor and precisely measure the water parameters of oxygen and temperature during the farming process. They also wanted the results to be displayed centrally on a PC.

Key data:

  • 25 percent of the world's shrimp come from South America
  • A yeald of around 80,000 tonnes / year of aquaculture shrimp in Brazil

Reliable monitoring of water parameters

ProMinent’s regional reseller, Natalhidro from Natal, which specialises in water treatment, has been using mainly ProMinent products in measuring and control technology for around five years now. In numerous projects with very different requirements, the agent has found that the components deliver high levels of quality and reliability as well as excellent performance compared with competitor products. So the company decided to present the shrimp farming company with a supplementary powerful measuring and control system. The end customer was won over by the diversity of measurements available and the PC link. Once the order had been placed, the required devices were installed within two days. A controller now measures and controls the temperature, pH, dissolved oxygen and turbidity water parameters around the clock; a task that previously had to be performed hourly by a member of staff. All data is communicated to the central PC in real time.

The shrimps are safe and sound and the customer is more than satisfied

Thanks to the automated solution for monitoring water parameters, the shrimp farmer has seen the mortality rate for larvae plummet and the production rate for healthy shrimps rise. The huge financial losses of the past have therefore also been reduced drastically. Optimising the farming process by continuously monitoring parameters and displaying the results centrally delivers a genuine added value for aquaculture companies. Significantly enhancing the water quality also improves the quality of the shrimps and therefore the sales price that can be demanded from the market. All this is good news and has meant that the customer is absolutely delighted with the functionality and performance of the ProMinent measuring and control system installed at the shrimp farm. The customer-based advice and rapid delivery of the technology by our local trade partner Natalhidro further reinforced the end customer’s positive feedback.

  • Great satisfaction with the reliability, longevity and quality of ProMinent products
  • Automatic precise measurement and continuous monitoring of water parameters
  • Measurement results displayed centrally on a PC
  • Constantly good water quality significantly reduces mortality rates in shrimp farms
  • Using measurement and control technology from ProMinent optimises the entire process and dramatically cuts financial losses

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