Molkerei Hainichen-Freiberg modernises its water treatment system

Molkerei Hainichen-Freiberg in Germany has modernised its water treatment system by implementing electrolysis systems from ProMinent.

The benefits for the dairy include a vast improvement in health and safety, lower operating costs and consistently low water consumption.

Reduced water consumption

Every year Molkerei Hainichen-Freiberg turns around 150,000 tons of milk into yoghurt, blancmange, cheese and milk powder for babies. The high consumption of fresh water for various applications, such as rinsing centrifuges, used to be an undesirable cost factor for the company.

Thanks to a chlorine dioxide system, the dairy has already managed to considerably cut costs for fresh and waste water in the past. The vapour water produced in the production process, which contains aromas and other ingredients that promote germ growth, is disinfected and then reused. This saves Hainichen-Freiberg around 60,000 m³ of drinking water annually.

Key data

  • Safe and reliable disinfection of water vapour with an electrolysis system
  • Effective reuse of the processed vapour in further tasks
  • Reduction in annual chemical costs of around €11,000
  • Consistently low water consumption

Increased safety

Treating water with chlorine dioxide involves the use of hydrochloric acid and sodium chlorite. These chemicals can be dangerous during transport, storage and handling. This is why Molkerei Hainichen-Freiberg wanted to replace its outdated system and switch to a process without chemical handling.

Electrolysis gives the dairy a safe and cost-effective alternative to previous methods. By deploying ProMinent’s electrolysis systems CHLORINSITU, it no longer has to handle dangerous chemicals. The innovative systems use harmless cooking salt to produce a disinfection solution on site, which is not only safer but also cheaper, thereby cutting operating costs.

The sodium hypochlorite solution (NaOCl) produced from common salt can be added to the respective process as required or temporarily stored for peak demands.

Upgrade completed during day-to-day operation

ProMinent modernised the dairy’s water treatment system without any interruptions to production. With the aid of a temporary arrangement produced especially for this project, the technicians installed the new system during ongoing operation. Huge benefits are to be gained from the modernisation: a vast improvement in health, safety and process reliability, lower operating costs and consistently less water consumption. Molkerei Hainichen-Freiberg’s investment in a modern disinfection system has therefore paid off.

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