Brewing beer successfully in Brazil

Equipped with state-of-the-art technology from the home of the world champions, two new breweries have been in operation in north-eastern Brazil since 2014. Krones AG supplied both with complete systems including ProMinent storage and metering technology for chemicals.

Potentially record-breaking capacity

Two modern breweries, close to the cities of Salvador da Bahia and Recife, belonging to the second-largest Brazilian brewing group Grupo Petrópolis have been producing the popular beer since mid-2014 – each with an impressive capacity of six million hectolitres. As a new-build project on a greenfield site, the two complete turnkey facilities from the brew house to the bottling plant were supplied and installed by the Neutraubling-based Krones AG. Thanks to the many projects that they have completed jointly, both Krones AG and the Brazilian producer are relying on ProMinent as a reliable partner for the storage and metering technology for the chemicals needed.

Key figures

  • Realisation of a new-build project in Brazil
  • Production of 12 million hectolitres of beer with two breweries
  • Supply of the complete chemical metering technology

Metering technology to satisfy the most exacting demands

Within a very short time the entire metering technology was quickly installed and calibrated by ProMinent experts in both the Alagoinhas and Itapisuma sites; both of these breweries are identical in their construction. Alongside other components and several accessories, this includes a total of nine metering stations for, among other things, disinfectant; four process tanks; a storage tank each for sodium hydroxide and nitric acid; and a mobile CIP (cleaning in place) tank. For the varying metering requirements there are five motor driven metering pumps of the Sigma type and four diaphragm process metering pumps of the Makro TZ type. The metering stations are employed in different phases of the process, such as blending and mashing, and of course for the CIP process of the system primarily to improve the product quality.

Globality first

The key factors in the success of this complete turnkey project were the solution-orientated planning from Krones and ProMinent as well as the excellent cooperation with the project team of the second largest brewery group in Brazil. Local support from ProMinent's Brazilian branch has been of major benefit both for their partners Krones and for the brewery. Despite the extremely reliable products from Heidelberg, fast assistance can be guaranteed at all times should any faults occur. And the local ProMinent organisation also helps with the rapid importation and customs clearance of the products, thanks to its experience and expertise. There is only one thing left to say: Cheers Alemanha!

  • Reliable and precise metering of chemicals for product improvement
  • Safe CIP process at the production location
  • Competent support from local ProMinent branch for project development and customs procedures
  • In case of faults, quick support service from colleagues on-site

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