“Chemical chimney sweep” programmed ready for use

Timer-controlled pumps? No big deal. But a system that switches a separate solenoid valve at specified times in addition to the pump, after checking predefined parameters, and at low cost into the bargain – only ProMinent can give you that.

Don’t waste energy up the chimney

Many a success story begins quietly enough. Like a while ago, when the marine products company Unitor, now a part of Wilhelmsen Ships Service, came to ProMinent with a quite specific problem. On ships, heat exchangers extract energy from the exhaust gases of the engines. However, the principle only works reliably if soot deposits don’t collect on the heat exchangers. A chemical injected into the chimney with compressed air several times over a 12 hour period will prevent this from happening, but only if the engine is running at the time. Also, pure compressed air is to remove any residues of this chemical from the nozzle before and after injecting. Finally, Unitor required the necessary metering station to come programmed ready for use.

Key figures

  • Regular metering of chemicals to prevent soot deposits forming due to the ship’s exhaust gases
  • Time-controlled metering of chemical and compressed air in separate circuits following a check as to whether the engine is in operation
  • Solution: ready-to-use metering station complete with tank, pump, pipes etc.
  • Solenoid-driven metering pump gamma/ L with process timer and relay control
  • Ready-programmed by ProMinent

A success story with over 200 sequels

The challenge? Not just to meter the chemical but also to send compressed air up the chimney one minute beforehand – but only when the engine is running. A purely time-controlled metering solution as supplied by other manufacturers was therefore not an option. Our solution first uses a temperature sensor to determine whether the chimney is hot, i.e. whether the engine is on. If it is, the process timer switches a relay that starts the flow of compressed air using a solenoid valve. The solenoid-driven metering pump gamma/ L does not meter the chemical into the air flow until one minute later. This process is controlled by a specially developed program, which is stored in the ProMinent archive and can be uploaded to further pumps via USB adapter – as was the case with the more than 200 metering stations ordered by Unitor in the years that followed. Like we said: a success story.

A reasonably priced one-stop solution

  • Keeps heat exchangers in perfect condition at all times to ensure energy recovery
  • Delivered as a complete metering system with all components
  • Compact system without complicated cabling for an additional timer etc.
  • Takes all conditions and parameters into account
  • The program was developed specifically by the manufacturer and can be re-used, eliminating the need for individual programming on a small pump display
  • A cost-effective solution as the process timer is considerably cheaper than an SPS

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