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Battery production: ProMinent bears up where others fold

Lithium-ion batteries provide the energy for today's everyday life. Industries are working on improving the energy density of their battery production.

This is also the case for a Korean company that produces anode material for rechargeable batteries.

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Potable Water Treatment

ProMinent turns water into hygienically perfect potable water – with powerful systems and components, which can be ready mounted for operation or individually configured.

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Beverage Industry

Disinfection processes are essential for smooth, hygienic operations. ProMinent offers solutions suitable for the entire production and bottling section. And the good news is that this investment pays off in no time.

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Food industry

Perfect hygiene and precise metering are indispensable in food production. To achieve this, ProMinent supplies appropriate and reliable measurement, control and metering technology as well as various water disinfection systems.

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Waste Water Treatment

Our water treatment technology delivers thorough yet environmentally friendly waste water treatment. What's more, with precisely metered additives and optimised processes, you also save money.

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Chemical Vendors

With metering equipment from ProMinent we can take your chemicals to the next level and make them more high-performance, more environmentally-friendly and safer. And this is something that everyone can benefit from.

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Sensor Bypass Armature Modular BAMa

Water treatment – from drinking water, water for pool & wellness to industrial water

Up to 9 functional modules can be freely configured in a single armature.

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New products

AEGIS X ensures that your water treatment processes run as efficiently as possible. The controller is highly flexible and suited to systems with many measured and control parameters. Using standard data communications platforms, these parameters can be easily monitored and evaluated remotely.


The measuring and control system DULCOMARIN 3 is your digital link to the technology of the future. It controls the entire range of swimming pools – from adventure pools to private pools. The system is operated using the large 7” touch display.


DULCOZON OZLa is an ozone generator with low life cycle costs. It combines a high ozone concentration with unbeatable efficiency.


The ProMinent ProMix™ is a pre-engineered polymer mixing system made for the water and wastewater markets. Designed as an in-line unit, the ProMix™ can be customized to meet most liquid polymer applications utilizing tubing or diaphragm pump technologies depending on the application requirement or customer preference. The unique mixing chamber allows for complete makedown of the neat or diluted polymer to guarantee a problem-free injection.


The UV system DULCODES LP TL for syrup disinfection declares war on heat-resistant germs. In instances when standard heat pasteurisation isn't up to the job, UV light provides a very quick and efficient form of disinfection without the need for heat.


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