New sensors for measuring H2O2 and PAA

June 2021

ProMinent is expanding its product range with new sensors for measuring peracetic acid (PAA) and hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) without cross-sensitivity to one another. The measured variables are recorded selectively – without measurement falsification, even at low concentrations.

Due to their properties, hydrogen peroxide and peracetic acid are very suitable choices for disinfection in the food and beverage industry; they break down into environmentally friendly water, oxygen and acetic acid after disinfection and are highly effective against yeast, molds, bacteriophages and spore-forming bacteria. Areas of application are the disinfection of packaging and containers before filling the products.

The sensors DULCOTEST PAA 2-3E-10ppm and PEROX-H-3E are used to measure the PAA and H2O2 concentrations during disinfection. Both sensors work according to the amperometric measuring principle. This works with 3 electrodes, which enables long-term stable zero points and thus precise measurements, even at low concentrations. They are resistant to salts, acids, alkalis, surfactants and dirt deposits. Integrated measuring transducers, and a reliable plug-in connection of the signal cable with secure contact, ensure convenient installation.

The PAA 2-3E-10ppm sensor detects low peracetic acid concentrations in the range 0.20 to 10.0 ppm without cross-sensitivity to hydrogen peroxide. A typical application of the sensor is the measurement of PAA during the disinfection of pre-treated wastewater.

The new PEROX H-3E sensor is suitable for measuring hydrogen peroxide without cross-sensitivity to free chlorine and peracetic acid. It is suitable for fast control processes with short response times - even in moderately polluted water for reliable measurement from 0.20 ppm H2O2. The measuring ranges up to 10, 50, 200 and 500 ppm are covered in four product variants.

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