Water quality in gas-fired power plant: always the right pump

For over 100 years, the Weser River has shaped the industrial landscape of Bremen with its harbours, shipyards and steelworks. For 50 years, electricity has been generated from the steelworks' waste gases and now an ultra-modern

Water quality in a modern gas-fired power plant

Construction of the joint venture power plant in Bremen started in the Mittelsbüren industrial district in 2011. Natural gas is burnt in the plant and drives a gas and steam turbine, hence the name combination power plant. While being a fossil fuel means that natural gas isn't ideal, this type of power plant is flexible and, since it uses two forms of energy, it achieves an outstanding efficiency of 58%. With an output of 400 megawatts, it is helping the generation of power with minimal CO2 emissions. The power plant has three water circuits: one for generating steam and two cooling circuits, one of which is open and draws water from the Weser River. Metering systems supply these circuits with additives designed to guarantee the defined water quality, which is governed in Germany by special regulations.

Key figures

  • Guaranteeing the water quality of three circuits: 2 x cooling water, 1 x boiler feed water
  • Three individually designed ProMinent metering stations with pipes, tanks and measuring and control technology
  • Pump types used: Motor driven metering pump Sigma, hydraulic diaphragm metering pump Hydro, plunger metering pump Meta, eccentric screw pump Spectra, solenoid driven metering pump delta®
  • Manual operation via PLC or automatic operation from a control unit

Sixteen pumps, three metering stations, one goal

The Spanish company Grupo Cobra, part of the construction consortium, therefore chose to work with German manufacturer ProMinent, who is highly familiar with these standards and can implement them reliably. So in the autumn of 2013, three individually designed ProMinent metering stations with a total of 16 metering pumps from five different ranges were installed, complete with pipes, tanks and measuring and control technology. The stations meter corrosion inhibitor, boiler scale inhibitor (especially in the open cooling water circuit), sodium hypochlorite for disinfection and ammonia to regulate the pH. The crucial factor in selecting the pumps in the individual metering stations was their operating data, especially their operating pressure. The system can be manually operated with a programmable logic controller or automatically from a control unit.

Legally safe operation with completely care-free convenience

  • Reliable compliance with German standards such as TRD 611 and VGB guidelines
  • Benefits for the customer: individual planning and design ready for connection, including commissioning and operator training by ProMinent
  • Greater power plant performance and longer lives for the systems installed thanks to ProMinent technology
  • Various metering tasks in one metering station – and the right ProMinent metering pump for each of them
  • Contact for Cobra on-site

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