Providing mobile training across Canada!

Working towards safe drinking water and reliable chemical feed across Canada by working with our distributors to provide mobile training to our customers. We will always value forward-thinking solutions regarding safe water treatment.

Recently, our Technical Sales Representative, Chuck Cote, began another round of mobile training sessions with our H2Know Mobile Training Trailer in Northern Ontario. This mobile training initiative began last year when ProMinent Canada partnered with its distributors and embarked on a journey across Canada to work towards a common goal: safe drinking water and reliable chemical feed across Canada.

ProMinent has always valued forward-thinking solutions regarding safe water treatment and came up with a way to contribute to fulfilling this vision: The H2Know Mobile Training Trailer. This trailer was outfitted with equipment that enabled our team to provide mobile training on water treatment equipment allowing an opportunity for operators to become up to date as well as ask any questions.

In May 2018, the H2Know began its journey in British Columbia where the first group of operators and maintenance personnel were trained. Over the course of the summer, the H2Know traveled west making stops in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. Each stop provided a great learning opportunity for everyone involved.

Our team was able to provide training on equipment, answer questions that operators had, and provide solutions on-site for any current challenges the operators were facing. We also discovered that we were able to reach many operators in remote places that would normally not be able to participate in this kind of training. Of course, a BBQ lunch allowed everyone to kick back, connect with people and establish a sense of community around safe water treatment.

In the end, a total of 179 operators were trained over the course of 20 training sessions last year. ProMinent would like to say thank you to our distributors and team members who helped coordinate and run the various stops as well as the operators who came out to the training sessions. Without you, this journey wouldn't have been possible. Looking forward to more sessions in the future!

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